Social Circus Carnival

Our unique event

Under the banner of social inclusion, this annual event mobilizes the entire social circus community.

The group salutes the audience

Part of the Montreal Complètement Cirque festival since 2010, the Social Circus Carnival stands out for its dual focus on social action and artistic expression.

It allows emerging circus artists from Montreal to showcase their talent in their own city, giving the local community the opportunity to get to know them. This community event highlights the mobilizing power of marginalized people and aims for social inclusion.

For the general public, the event is a full day of live circus shows, live music, and interactive activities, while actively involving many young people in all stages of the planning process.

A privileged space, triggering extraordinary encounters.

Thanks to this summer event, Cirque Hors Piste generates extraordinary encounters among all members of the community: young people, artists, local businesses, seniors, and families from the neighbourhood.

We have the conviction that the event has positive impacts on both the circus community and marginalized youth, as well as on the local community.

The event’s influence is growing year after year. We have an innovative and unique formula that relies on strong and lasting partnerships established over several years.

Young artists performing in the street

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