Our team

The people at the heart of our mission

Every day, social workers and circus artists welcome young people to Cirque Hors Piste.

Our team is made up of dedicated, talented and creative people. The complementary nature of our expertise enables us to create spaces that foster connection and personal growth, both physically and socially.


Photo of Élise

  • Élise Leblanc,
    Circus Instructor
Photo of Karine

  • Karine Lavoie,
    Executive Director
Photo of Catherine

  • Catherine Coutu,
    Circus Instructor


Photo of Fanny

  • Fanny Moreno,
    Assistant coordinator
Photo of Daphné

  • Daphné Morin,
    Coordinator, Cirkaskina
Photo of Guillaume

  • Guillaume Lajeunesse,
    Circus Assistant-Instructor


Photo of Éliane

  • Éliane Bonin,
    Circus Instructor
Photo of Roger

  • Roger Marier,
    Head of Technical and Production Services
Photo of Alexandre

  • Alexandre Gagné Greffard,
    Circus Instructor


Photo of Marilou

  • Marilou Vinet,
    Social Work Coordinator
Photo of Pascal

  • Pascal Duguay Gosselin,
    Circus Instructor
Photo of Éloïse

  • Éloïse Guillemette,
    Social Worker


Photo of Lorenzo

  • Lorenzo Serafino,
    Equipment Clerk
Photo of Éliza Lance

  • Éliza Lance,
    Responsible for artist services
Photo of Solène

  • Solène Laurin-Laliberté,
    Circus Instructor


Photo of Pascal

  • Pascal Contamine,
    Coordinator, Creative Services
Photo of Sabrina

  • Sabrina Konstas,
    Circus Assistant-Instructor
Photo of Laura

  • Laura Pharand, Social Worker


Photo of André-Philippe

  • André-Philippe Vachon,
    Coordinator, Administration
Photo of Laury-Ann

  • Laury-Ann Miller,
    Equipment Clerk
Photo of Carlos

  • Carlos Verdin Barba,
    Circus Instructor


Photo of Lauriane

  • Lauriane Houle,
    Equipment Clerk
Photo of Gabrielle

  • Gabrielle Soucie,
    Social Worker
Photo of Marianne

  • Marianne Cole,
    Communications Manager



A dynamic Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors brings together professionals from all walks of life, as well as young participants in our activities. This high-flying team has consistently supported each one of Cirque Hors Piste’s initiatives with enthusiasm.


  • Sandhia Vadlamudy, President
    LinkedIn to Sandhia Executive Director, Association des intervenants en
    dépendances du Québec


  • Gil Favreau, Vice-President
    LinkedIn to Gil Executive Director, Société de développement commercial


  • Yves Guérin, Treasurer
    LinkedIn to Yves Economic development consultant for nonprofits


  • Céline Lavallée, Secretary
    LinkedIn to Céline Program Director, Conseil des arts et des lettres
    du Québec


  • Aline Patcheva
    LinkedIn to Aline Communications Advisor, Canadian Union of
    Public Employees
  • Éric Joly
    LinkedIn to Éric Marketing and Strategic Alliances Director, Montreal Pride


  • Mireille Morin
    LinkedIn to Mireille Social entrepreneur


  • Tristan Delorme, Partners’ Representative
    LinkedIn to Tristan Executive Director, En Marge 12-17


  • Élise Leblanc, Employees’ Representative
    Circus artist and Instructor, Cirque Hors Piste


  • Alex Vaillant
    Participants’ Representative


  • Sam Prevost
    Participants’ Representative


Person responsible for personal data protection: Karine Lavoie


There are countless ways to get involved at Cirque Hors Piste. Whether you are a circus artist, a social worker, an events professional or other, share your ideas with us!

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