Circus Jam

Bringing professional and social circus together

Circus is a collective art with a multitude of creative opportunities. Our shared space opens its doors to the extended circus family, fostering a meaningful social impact.

Group of artists juggling

The Circus Jam space was launched in 2020. It provides a training environment for professional artists and mentoring for our young Social Circus Workshop participants who wish to further develop their circus skills.

This open practice space for sharing allows young people from Cirque Hors Piste to learn circus techniques, establish meaningful relationships with inspiring role models, and develop their artistic skills.

At Circus Jam, circus artists can share their knowledge with young social circus recruits and help them bridge the gap to the artistic community. Participants benefit from guidance in developing professional-level circus acts.

A hub exposing local artists’ expertise.

It is a space for gathering, inspiration, and social transformation where everyone can feel supported and heard by a caring community. It is a safe space where everyone can dare to be themselves in their own unique way.

Group of artists on stage

Why not share your art with youth at Cirque Hors Piste? Come jam with us!